Saturday, August 14, 2010

Come Fly With Me

Things have been moving at warp speed around here. Miss Wendy Lane is jetting off to L.A. on Monday to get down to business in the studio; meanwhile, on this coast Miss Laurel is recording a project of her own. Soon you will be awash in media from us, but in order for that joyous day to come, all must be fairly quiet on the blog front for the next two weeks. Never fear! We’ll be back with photos, gossip, and an opinion or two just as soon as our tunes are in the can.

While you’re awaiting our return here, we wanted to share with you the list of Executive Producers and PR wizards who are helping to make Wendy Lane’s project possible.

Executive Producers

Kathi & Kaipo Bridges

Joe De Furia

Carolyn Gould

Christy Frye

Jason Graae & Glen Fretwell

Robert Hahn

Janet Hockenson

Michael Marero, LCDR USN

Laurel Massé

Ross McDonald

Michael Miyazaki

Michelle Oates

Polly Scoville

Ronald Squeri

Christy Trapp

Alex Tang & Bob Bagnall

Kim & Finn Wentworth

David Winters

Donna Wright

PR Wizards
Emily Everson

Laura Gunn

Laurel Massé

Michael Miyazaki

Michelle Oates

Joe Peck

 We are sending much love and gratitude out to everyone who is helping to make this project possible!