Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Victories

Sound the trumpets, stop the presses, and all that other stuff: we have a winner! The winner of the free ticket to see JaLaLa at Birdland is Jon88. Thank you, Jon, for your thoughtful comment about those who have inspired you. Laurel's mother is in the hospital at the moment, and she was persuaded by the way you acknowledged your mom.

So drop us a note  HERE with your full name, and we’ll put you on the guest list for the big gig on June 7th. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Once Upon a Summertime

If you're a singer looking to spend some time honing your skills this summer we're looking for you! We'll be giving a workshop in Edison, NJ on July 10th.

Check out the details at this link
'Words & Music Singers' Workshop in New Jersey'

Come on down and have fun singing with us!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last Saturday night, live at the Tusten Theatre

As you may have seen mentioned here, Miss Laurel had a gig on Saturday at the Tusten Theatre in Narrowsburg, New York. Narrowsburg is a hamlet of 400 and we are happy to report that a good quarter of that hamlet was in attendance. Here's a little eyecandy from the excursion...

The capacious Town Hall / courthouse / senior citizen center / Theatre dressing room complete with piano and player. Apparently, they are champion multi-taskers in Narrowsburg.

The dashing duo, Laurel and Tex Arnold pre-show.

For a report straight from the Chanteuse's typing fingers click HERE.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Wee Nudge

Just a gentle nudge from your Redheads to get your tix now for Miss. Laurel's upcoming gigs with her Trio JaLaLa.

Here's a link for the official flyer
'Laurel Masse' May & June Appearances'

Monday, May 17, 2010

Do You Know?

Strike up the band and roll out the red carpet here are the answers to last week’s quiz.

Madonna                   Judy Holliday

Beyoncé                    Stevie Wonder

Jim Morrison             Frank Sinatra

Fun Redhead fact: According to Stephen Davis in Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend Sinatra would get seriously annoyed every time he heard Light My Fire on the radio, because he thought Morrison’s crooning was a blatant rip-off of his style.

Stevie Wonder         The Staples Singers

 Linda Ronstadt        Maria Callas

Fun Redhead Quote: Miss Ronstadt has said I learn more...about singing rock n roll from listening to Maria Callas records than I ever would from listening to pop music for a month of Sundays. She's the greatest chick singer ever.

Ella Fitzgerald          Connee Boswell
Fun Redhead Quote: Of Boswell’s influence Ella said My mother brought home one of her records, and I fell in love with it....I tried so hard to sound just like her.

Christina Aguilera      Etta James

Billie Holiday               Bessie Smith

Mary Lou Williams     Lovie Austin
Fun Redhead Fact: Austin was often seen tooling around her adopted home town of Chicago in her Stutz Bearcat with Leopard Skin Upholstery and dressed to the nines.

 John Lennon             Harry Nilsson

Elvis                             Mario Lanza

How’d you do? Did you get them all? Any surprises? Are there any other interesting musicians and their inspirations that we left off the list? Do Tell.

By the way, the marvy photo of Billie Holiday is by Bob Willoughby.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Of Thee I Sing

The other day we found ourselves in the midst of a discussion about favorite singers and musical influences, and here’s the twist! They weren’t our personal inspirations but those of other artists. We were pretty surprised at who admired whom. It seems a shame to keep all the fun to ourselves, so for your cyber amusement here’s a little quiz to start off your week. Can you match the admirer to the admired? For brevity’s sake we’ve kept it to just one per performer. We’ll post the answers in a day or two.

Performer                           Influence

1.) Madonna                       A.) Frank Sinatra

2.) Beyoncé                        B.) Maria Callas

3.) Jim Morrison                C.) Connee Boswell

4.) Stevie Wonder             D.) Judy Holliday

5.) Linda Ronstadt             E.) Mario Lanza

6.) Ella Fitzgerald              F.) The Staples Singers

7.) Christina Aguilera       G.) Bessie Smith

8.) Billie Holiday               H.) Harry Nilsson

9.) Mary Lou Williams      I.) Stevie Wonder

10.) John Lennon             J.) Etta James

11.) Elvis                          K.) Lovie Austin

Now, on a not-quite-unrelated note, if you swivel your eyes to the right of this column and take a peek at Where in the World Are the Redheads?, you’ll note that Miss Laurel has a few gigs coming up. This weekend she’s got a solo concert with Tex Arnold at the Tusten Theatre in upstate NY. Come June, she’ll be reuniting with Lauren Kinhan and Janis Siegel aka JaLaLa, for gigs at Albany’s Egg and NYC’s Birdland (in case you’re wondering, their musical influences are the Boswell Sisters, and the Ronettes). We’ve decided to give away a free ticket to the Birdland date. All you have to do to enter the fray is post a comment here about who your influences have been, musical or otherwise. Tell us who you admire and why, and the entry that inspires us the most will get the tic. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!