Monday, May 17, 2010

Do You Know?

Strike up the band and roll out the red carpet here are the answers to last week’s quiz.

Madonna                   Judy Holliday

Beyoncé                    Stevie Wonder

Jim Morrison             Frank Sinatra

Fun Redhead fact: According to Stephen Davis in Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend Sinatra would get seriously annoyed every time he heard Light My Fire on the radio, because he thought Morrison’s crooning was a blatant rip-off of his style.

Stevie Wonder         The Staples Singers

 Linda Ronstadt        Maria Callas

Fun Redhead Quote: Miss Ronstadt has said I learn more...about singing rock n roll from listening to Maria Callas records than I ever would from listening to pop music for a month of Sundays. She's the greatest chick singer ever.

Ella Fitzgerald          Connee Boswell
Fun Redhead Quote: Of Boswell’s influence Ella said My mother brought home one of her records, and I fell in love with it....I tried so hard to sound just like her.

Christina Aguilera      Etta James

Billie Holiday               Bessie Smith

Mary Lou Williams     Lovie Austin
Fun Redhead Fact: Austin was often seen tooling around her adopted home town of Chicago in her Stutz Bearcat with Leopard Skin Upholstery and dressed to the nines.

 John Lennon             Harry Nilsson

Elvis                             Mario Lanza

How’d you do? Did you get them all? Any surprises? Are there any other interesting musicians and their inspirations that we left off the list? Do Tell.

By the way, the marvy photo of Billie Holiday is by Bob Willoughby.

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