Monday, April 21, 2008

Just a few Minutes More

We couldn't help ourselves, we've been having such a blast with this topic, reliving our own war stories and hearing yours, that we just couldn't be prevented from extending it for just a wee bit longer. If you haven't yet shared your story with us you have until April 30th to post it here. The one that we like the best will win our first ever RedHead Award, this month it's a copy of Stop the Show: A History of Insane Incidents and Absurd Accidents in the Theatre. Come on and join the conversation!

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Anonymous said...

I was appearing as one of the young ladies -- "And ever so rich!" in Little Mary Sunshine at the Bucks County Playhouse. Wearing a beautiful sky blue hoop skirt, I was center stage, singing "playing croquet is a wonderful way to enjoy an afternoon" when my hoop fell down. I finished singing, then bent down to pick up my hoop and used it as a hula hoop on my arm as I skipped off stage left.

Joanne Schmoll