Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Redheads on the Town

As mentioned in our previous post Miss Laurel has a gig coming up at NYC's Birdland, so Monday night we strapped on our stilettos, hopped the A train and headed down to the club to hang out at Jim Caruso's Cast Party. And are we glad we did....Jim Caruso's Cast Party on Monday night at Birdland is one of NYC's great entertainment adventures. Jim Caruso is the dapper and unflappable host of the proceedings who gets our vote for the hardest working man in show biz. Each week he takes a head spinning variety of acts who come through the door from the famous, to the near famous to the not even close and combines them into perhaps the only true variety show left on the planet. On any given week you're likely to see singers from every genre, the cast of the latest Broadway hit, dancers, comedians, impressionists, instrumentalists, composers, ventriloquists, contortionists, you name it. It seems like everyone in town drops by to promote their latest project, try out new material, or to see and be seen. You'll never know who will be there.

This week on the audience side you had actress Mary Louise Parker, singer/songwriter Christine Lavin, busloads of tourists, scenesters, Broadway babies, and your very own Redheads. On the other side of the footlights were swinging singer Carrie Jackson, LaLa Brooks of the Crystals (remember Da Do Run Run?), cast members from the upcoming Off -Broadway show Enter Laughing, Luba Mason, the new cast of Alter Boyz, our own Miss. Laurel AND...LIZA MINNELLI. Your redheads are not normally star struck, but she rendered us twitterpated. It was a ten minute master class on performance. We have rarely seen anyone command a stage like this. With Billy Stritch on piano and without fancy costume (She looked tremendous, by the way) she was in complete command of the stage. We are still in awe. A good time was definitely had by all!!!!

It occurs to us that since Laurel will be in concert at Birdland on Monday September 15th at 7:00 PM, you could make it a twofer. Come for Laurel stay for Cast Party! You could even see Laurel free if you make a comment on this blog between now and September 10th. Just pick your favorite question from our musical questionnaire and you'll be eligible to win a free ticket to Laurel's show at Birdland. Not in the NYC area? That's okay, we'll send you a CD instead.
Cast Party happens at Birdland every Monday night beginning at 9:30 for more info visit their website . Tell 'em we sent you!


Philomena said...

Having sung at Cast Party myself, I can only agree with your description!Even though I'm "not even close", Jim was so gracious and witty that he made me feel completely at home. What a kick it was singing at Birdland, Linda Lavin in the front row, getting applause, then going back to my table to finish my cold collard greens. I love show biz!!

Wendy Lane Bailey said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. In addition to my undying admiration for Mr. Caruso the Southern girl in me loves good collard greens so your evening sounds pretty darn near perfect.

Wendy Lane

kathy said...

Is this site for musicians or fans? I am confused...I signed up so I could get info for a friend who is a female singer in San Diego,(she sings with some local groups) & wanted to give her the website info. Laurel's site is what led me here.
My favorite question is, "What is your idea of perfect musical happiness?" That would be watching & listening to Laurel perform with the early Manhattan Transfer! I fell in love with the early group in 1975 when they first performed at the Playboy Towers in Chicago & have continued that admiration to this day. I wish I could see Laurel perform at Birdland! Glad your career has taken you where you want to be. Do you have any plans to sing in San Diego?

Laurel Massé said...

Kathy, thank you for your kind words. I well remember that Chicago concert in the Playboy Towers. The audience was incredible! I am honored to be part of your idea of musical perfection.

To answer your question, this blogsite is for fans AND musicians, and for anyone who wants to join the conversation Wendy and I are having about music, the music business, and life in general. We chose the title because we are both voracious readers, swapping books back and forth all the time. Wendy has her own site, as do I, and I also have two other blogs:, in which I write about my spiritual path, and one where I write specifically about singing, www.laurelmasse.typepad/_the_songbird_salon. I invite you to check them both out.

I have no plans to come out to California in 2008, but things are looking good for 2009. Periodic updates go out to my mailing list, which you can join through my website. Hope to see you in San Diego!

tkob said...

Sounds like a fun time, will try to come!