Saturday, October 4, 2008

Words & Music & Pictures

As promised we remembered to bring out our trusty camera to memorialize our fabulous trip to DC for the Words & Music master class. Here are a few shots of the people who made it a memorable day...

Miss Wendy Lane with Tim Tourbin, her high school chum (and a darn fine singer himself) who along with his partner Jeff offered your Redheads his home for the evening before the class. Note the look of slight surprise on his face: who knew two redheads and their paraphernalia could take up almost on entire floor for on overnight trip!

Miss Laurel & Tim wondering if 8:30 AM on a Saturday is really the best time to take photos.

Class participant Maura Mendoza with our accompanist one of DC's best and best dressed Ron Chiles. (Alas, the tux wasn't for us he was off to another gig right after ours!)

Our DC Singers with Laurel: Left to right Maura Mendoza, Joanne Hyder, Christy Trapp, Laurel, Kathy Reilly, Chris Herman, and Terri Allen.

The moment we discover that we really could use a camera with a timer so that we can all be in one picture. Wendy Lane with the group.

We love coming to DC, and will be back for another class on March 14th. In the meantime big hugs and kisses from us to everyone who shared this experience with us. Special thanks is due to Tim Tourbin and Jeff Hamlin for housing us and feeding us a magnificent meal, to Terri Allen who takes care of all our class needs by booking our studio space, accompanist, and lugging and providing her sound system for our use. We couldn't have done it without you!!!!!

Our next class coming up will be on October 25th in New York City. If you want more details just click HERE and drop an email.

Your Redheads


AitchD said...

You don't need a timer to get TWR into those pics. A few clicks with your photo software and you can insert either Miss Wendy Lane or Miss Laurel into the pic she's not in. It's like a digital variation of the technique pioneered (and virtually invented) by Les Paul and Mary Ford, it's multi-tracking but with pixels. And it's o-so-easy with digital. (Coincidentally, when I was in DC one time - as our school choir's photographer - I took shots of our deans and choir director, but the Washington Monument was shooting directly out of the top of the Dean's head, so I had to move it in the darkroom, some 5 or 6 separate steps, including dodging and burning, which is like dancing with your wrist instead of feet. As a former redhead (you know, when you go white, you can't use the capital R anymore), I think I can say I'm looking forward to seeing a revised, full group picture in the near future.

Laurel Massé said...

The Redheads being somewhat technologically challenged, I think the only way you are going to see us all in one picture is to move your eyes back and forth between the two photos very very fast...

Wendy Lane Bailey said...

Although I have several close friends and one or two relatives who are professional photographers the thought of my using photo shop has been known to strike fear into their hearts. Perhaps they feel it is too much power for one redhead to possess.

Wendy Lane