Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Mondegreen for the Moment

In these uncertain times it’s good to know that even the land of misheard lyrics feels our pain.Thus this timely interpretation of the Elton John classic Bennie and the Jets

B-B-B-Bennie, Bennie is in Debt

This Tuesday diversion brought to you courtesy of your Redheads and Amiright.com, further proof that maybe the internet really isn’t such a boon to productivity after all…


Charles E. Martin said...

... and though not a mondegreen, I am reminded of a line from a jazzy tune from 30s which goes, "I'm not broke, but I'm badly bent." Word!

Wendy Lane Bailey said...


Wendy Lane

Morgan, PhDiva said...

I love this Mondegreen concept. I had a very recent one listening to Mary Chapin Carpenter's "what if We Went to Italy." I heard the next line as: "With a suitcase of books, and one bag of peas for the summer..." Well, OK. I was really trying to get into my own context around that....and coming up with some interesting but weird stuff...luckily, someone gave me some sheet music - ah! Love this site and blog!
Morgan, PhDiva!

Wendy Lane Bailey said...

Ahh,Morgan,that's a good one, but how would you keep the books from mushing the peas?

Glad you like the blog. I hope you'll come back and visit us lots and lots!

Wendy Lane