Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where Has the Time All Gone To?

It has been a whirlwind of a week for your Redheads. First we had Miss Laurel’s gig at Birdland, which was a smash hit. Many thanks to Jim Caruso, who wins our vote for the coolest guy in show biz, Sean Corcoran who made it all look and sound pretty, and the Birdland staff, especially James the bartender who kept Miss Wendy Lane supplied with diet cokes throughout! Tuesday was Bistro Award night, where Laurel was awarded the 2009 Bistro for best Jazz Vocalist, and we got to see Liza with a Z, Charles Aznavour and various and sundry other show folk. After that the rest of the week was spent hard at work on a few new projects we have in the works. We’ll be spilling the details on those in the coming weeks and months, but for now here are a few shots from Monday’s Birdland show.

Laurel & the Band
Rich De Rosa (Drums), Steve La Spina (Bass), Tex Arnold (Musical Director, piano)

Laurel & Broadcast Legend Joe Franklin

Laurel with Composer Larry Kerchner, Joe Franklin, & Annette Costa

The photos were all taken by Wendy Lane, who despite her nifty Armani Cocktail dress forgot to get herself into any of the shots. No worries though, we’ll have some of her after her performance for the Colleen Giblin Foundation this coming Thursday (details about that may be found under Where In the World are the Redheads to the right of this column).


AitchD said...

Joe Franklin! You look great! (If you're reading this, Joe, don't you think a lot of entertainers' blogs are higher-tech take-offs of your great show?)

Excellent photography, MIss Wendy Lane.

I can't find the button to click so I can hear "On the Street Where You Live" :(

Cheerios for Thursday, Wendy Lane!

Your blog title makes me think of "Who Knows Where the Time Goes?" and that some singers begin "Across the evening sky ..." and others begin "Across the morning sky ..."

Thanks for all y'all do!

Charles E. Martin said...

Laurel, great guns, you just keep getting younger! How does that work? So glad the show went well (we in the hinterlands knew it would). Peace, Charles.

Wendy Lane Bailey said...

Hi AitchD!

Glad you liked the photos.

I was actually thinking of "Some Other Time" which is one of my favorite standards. However, I had forgotten all about "Who Knows Where the Times Goes", what a lovely lyric! I have an Eva Cassidy recording of that one, and your comment has inspired me to pull it out and listen to it. A perfect song for what is a very rainy day here on the East Coast! Hope the Weather is better in your neck of the woods.

Wendy Lane

AitchD said...

Hi Miss Wendy-

Ah, Eva's version is lovely, there are sooo many wonderful versions of that song... I figure it's an alternate standard in the Great Alternative Songbook, or ought to be. So, I just played Eva and also heard coincidentally "Stormy Monday" - true! but Tuesday's just as bad - true! Yet warming nights now let the dormant Bermuda grasses of the greens and fairways revive. Everywhere looks like mid-June. The cotton's na' high but come Sunday everyone's Ma is good-looking.