Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jersey Girls

Our last few master classes have been rather far afield so we decided it was high time we did something in our own backyard, which is how we found ourselves this past Saturday in Edison, NJ. Edison is the home of Thomas Edison’s laboratory, the SECOND oldest Baptist church in New Jersey AND Edison Valley Playhouse. The playhouse is a sweet little theatre in a converted church that is over a hundred years old. We feel very fortunate to attract people to our classes who are serious about their work, enthusiastic and fun, and this group was no exception. Their bravery and commitment really inspired us as we spent the day working on tunes, and having lively discussions on the arts of talking to an audience, putting a set together, and networking skills. Many many Redhead kudos to our hostess Barbara Gurskey and the rest of the gang Jerry Wichinsky, Lluana Jones, and Linda Correll. They came equipped with juicy material and ready to work. Behind the keys Tex Arnold supported our singers brilliantly and his incisive comments always go right to the heart of the matter. We will be back at the Playhouse for another round on March 20th, and we can’t wait!

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Barbara Gurskey said...

Wendy Lane, Laurel and Tex - thank you so much for honoring our humble theater and running a wonderful Master Class. I've spoken to most of the participants and they all had nothing but high praise for you, the class and their fellow performers. We all learned so much and can't wait to use our new skills in performance. Looking forward to the next class in March, already trying to decide what to sing!