Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wasted Words

Words, like hemlines, tend to fade in and out of fashion. Some words, such as holpen, an archaic past participle of the word help, are best left in lexicography’s dumpster. There are others though, that still have a lot of good usage left in them. I am embarking upon a personal mission to bring the word VEX back into everyday use.

Kicking around since the fifteenth century vex comes from the Latin vexare meaning to agitate or harry. To be vexed is to be irritated, agitated, puzzled, or provoked by the behavior of others. It can also mean to shake or toss about. Like it in a sentence? I am positively vexed that the word vex is so rarely used anymore.

Just saying the word feels good. Go on try it, I’ll wait. You start off with that yummy buzzy v and then slide into a creamy eee going into the stop plosive k sound and winding up on an ssssssssssssss. For a little word you get a lot of bang for your phonetic buck. Looking for more wordy fun? Try rolling vex’s variations around on your tongue. Vexation…vexatious…vexatiousness…vexedly…could be hours of endless fun for the whole family.

So go forth and use this word with abandon today. Extra bonus points if you let us know how and where you used it!


chicksinger23 said...

LOVE this word and love you guys too, btw! :-) my contribution is vexated (to be completely vexed at my current situation!) happy "vexing" today on Halloween! Wendy, can't wait for that CD. I'm one of your "kickstarters"! :-)

Wendy Lane Bailey said...

Oooh, vexated, I like that one. Sort of rolls around in your mouth like a really good piece of chocolate. I shall enjoy finding ways to use it!

The Cd is coming along swimmingly. We're almost through mixing. I'll send out an "official" update a bit later in the week.

Thanks for keeping up with us!
Wendy Lane