Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Please Release Me

It gives me great pleasure (very great, really, you have no idea how great) to announce that the official release date for Breathing has been set for June 1st.
Breathing was produced by my friend, music director and mentor Michele Brourman, and recorded at Full Circle Studio in Pasadena CA.  Michele proved herself the queen of the multi-taskers by producing, arranging (along with Stephan Oberhoff) AND playing the piano on all the tracks. Oh, yeah, she also wrote two of the songs on the album. I am thrilled to be the first person EVER to record her song Sometimes More Is More. Stephan Oberhoff in addition to his work as co-arranger, played guitar and percussion and engineered the recording. Larry Tuttle was our wonderful bass player. The songs are a great mix of modern pop songs with smart lyrics that appeal to the heart and the head. The sound is lush and romantic and yet thoroughly contemporary.
Someone said to me recently that putting out an album is like having a baby. Having done both of these things I can say there are some distinct similarities. It takes about the same amount of time; there are moments of frantic preparation, followed by long stretches of waiting, all ending in the brief shining moment when your creation enters the world. In the case of childbirth your creation will eat you out of house and home, wreck your car, and expect you to pay for college. With a recording your car will remain whole but you will devote much time and energy once it has emerged to making sure your little darling gets all the attention she deserves. I am am over the moon about both my offspring (son & album) and will take any opportunity I can to tell you about them.
In the weeks between now and June 1st I will be busily working on many things including revamping my website, and scheduling some appearances to promote the album. As things happen I’ll be posting them here. I have also begun to send out advance copies to all the wonderful people who supported this project through
Thank you for being part of this journey with me. I can’t wait to share the finished product with you!

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