Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ad Libitum with Jason Graae

Finding the right words to describe Jason Graae is something of a challenge. He’s an actor, singer, instrumentalist, voice-over artist, and musical comedian. Jason has appeared at Carnegie Hall, on Broadway, hit television shows, operas, and in his own highly acclaimed, fall-on-the-floor funny solo show. He has received the New York Nightlife Award, Four Bistro awards, and a Drama Desk nomination for Best actor in a musical. He’s also the greatest person in the world to spend an evening with at the Delta Grill eating fried okra, and gabbing, and the ONLY person to have ever hired me for my dancing abilities. Being one of the funniest people on the planet has its drawbacks, mostly that your friends are always asking you to contribute free commentary to their blogs. Fortunately, he has a soft spot for redheads, and I am thrilled to share my friend with you as this month's special celebrity guest. So pull up a chair, grab a bowl of fried okra, Girl Scout cookies, Ben & Jerry’s or whatever your guilty pleasure happens to be and enjoy…

What is your current State of Mind?
I am currently reading "The Power of Now" and am discovering the brilliance as well as the insanity that the mind is capable of.I think mine has been teetering dangerously close toward the insanity, BUT IT'S NOT ANYMORE OKAAAAY?

What was the first song you ever performed in public?
"Call Me Irresponsible" in 6th grade auditioning for "George M!"
I did get the plum role of Boy #2.

What was the first musical act you ever saw in person?
Victor Borge.He made fun of my sister coming in late for Act 2 and she was completely oblivious and I was completely mortified.
What is your idea of perfect musical happiness?
Being on the inside of a really tight chord.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of musical misery?
When my oboe reed broke in Palm Beach 2 weeks ago and I sounded like a duck with hemmrhoids(sp) and this woman in the front row had her hands over her ears. Turns out she was trying not to sneeze. But still...

Name three composers or lyricists you wish would write a song for you?
Amanda Green,Amanda McBroom,Jerry Herman
What virtue do you consider essential for every musician?
Eagerness to please 50%
To hell with what anyone thinks %50

What Profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
1st chair Oboist in a major symphony orchestra

What profession would you not like to attempt?
2nd chair oboist

What is your greatest extravagance?
My generosity and love for others.
Just kidding.
The $$ I pay my back-up girls, the Foie Graaes.
Ask Wendy Lane Bailey.

Who are your real life heroes?
Obama.my Mama.The Dali Llama.

Where do you see yourself musically/artistically in ten years?
The front room of the Duplex singing Shipoopee.

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