Thursday, March 26, 2009

Instead She Wrote…

Here at Two Well Read we try very very hard to come up with new and scintillating discussions on the state of music, life and all the rest of it, but some days things just don’t flow like they should. So today instead of a fascinating discourse on a subject artistic you’re gonna get…

Things Wendy Lane Does When She Should be Writing Her Blog Post

  • Visit favorite websites; ponder why I can’t get my eye makeup to look like the “girls” on RuPaul’s Drag Race
  • Spin round and round in my desk chair until I’m dizzy…perhaps this will shake loose the brilliance within
  • Check E-mail
  • Stare out the window and wonder why the neighbor across the street never invites me over to use her pool (maybe because I am constantly staring out the window)
  • Play computer word game in the hopes that resplendent verbiage will result
  • Call friends to discuss latest medical, legal, amorous crises
  • Type title onto page,become overwhelmed with sense of accomplishment, take a nap
  • Check E-mail
  • Remove cats from keyboard…on second thought, maybe I could make something out of djklwepatepjoiat
  • Shake fist at ceiling and curse my lot in life
  • Check E-mail Look under desk to see if dazzling first sentence may be found there.
  • Make list of things I’m doing rather than writing blog post
  • Check E-mail

So what I really want to know from all this spinning and listing is what inspires YOU, and what do YOU do when your muse deserts you and you find yourself stuck? Do you have a ritual? A favorite place you go to get your mojo back? Inspire us with your answer by April 22nd and you could be the lucky recipient of a $20 I-tunes gift card.


Dangerous Curves said...

Ok! I write for my girl-groups blog-occasionally daunting when you are really tired!!! So....
*Totally the cat from the keyboard removal thing and btw she has typed words that I kept in-mmmm. Scary but true.
*Remove 18 month old's fingers from the keyboard-btw he has also typed words that I kept and used! But, of course, he's brilliant!
*Grab a glass of chardonnay and turn on loud, fun dance music and dance around to shake my brain up a little.
*Keep said glass of chardonnay and check facebook/myspace and twitter like 5 times. Each.
*Sing a Wynonna Judd/Linda Eder song that makes me cry and think about stuff, which leads me to....
*look at the photo albums on my computer and think about everyone here and gone.
That's what I do. I am glad to hear that you actually work hard at your blog 'cuz I love and read it all the time and it seems like the words just pour out of you easily! :-) PS I'm a redhead too!

Wendy Lane Bailey said...

Well, the words do pour out of me, but quite a few of them are not fit to be published...Thanks for sharing your list. I have been known to dance around the room much to the chagrin of my son (Also brilliant, but a bit older than 18 months). Redheads rule!!!!!

Wendy Lane

Anonymous said...

I know I'm way too late for the contest, but I liked the question so I'm responding anyway! When I need inspiration I often do a crossword puzzle. I find it requires a very specific kind of thinking, and by engaging that part of my mind it frees up the other parts to be creative or solve problems. Focusing on an unrelated thing helps me get "in the zone" with more important tasks. Besides--I LOVE CROSSWORDS! They are relaxing and fun and challenging too.

Nice to read about both of you & see you are doing so well. Good luck with everything & let me know if you ever want to come down to NC!

Ellen Ciompi

Wendy Lane Bailey said...

Hi Ellen:

Great to hear from you. I am a huge crossword fan too. I cannot live through the weekend with out the NY Times Sunday Puzzle.

We're working on getting out your way, I'll keep you posted on what's going on.

Wendy Lane